'Kitschy KITCHEN Art' 3D Food Paintings: Kiwi Fruit

I used frisket for airbrush to protect the "seeds" after completion then did a light green wash. As noted, I never use the color black in paint from a tube. Okay, I lie. When I do a "Grayscale" painting with ONLY whites, blacks, and gray-then I've used black paint right out of the tube-but that's it. I create all my blacks mixing equal parts blue, red, and green...or I substitute deep purple or a rich dark blue.


  1. It is strange that your work is so sunny for Minnesota.

  2. There's frosty wind and ice, slush, sleet, freezing rain...then there's the dumping of snow. Lots and lots of snow. It lasts from October sometimes all the way to May. It's pretty around the Holidays, but...it makes for poor driving conditions, high-energy bills and cabin fever. All that time spent indoors can be productive -as long as I don't procrastinate (which I do A LOT!)