I have a steady hand. I don't use rulers. I rarely tape items off, and I take a lot of pride in never using stencils. That being said I'm a poor draftsman. My straight lines are straight enough for free-form freehand organic images (flowers, nature, fruit, fish, etc...) but anytime anything man-made, constructed and engineered enters the picture? I'm in trouble. Clean lines and sharp edges and perfect angles? Forget it. I created a few concept automotive sketches a design class in college and it was a huge joke. The work looked like looked like garbage. Too much precision and the execution was poor. I wasn't patient enough. Pre-taping seemed like a huge waste of time. At that time I felt it took all the energy out of the work. Too much prep. That's why these cassettes were a delightful surprise. I didn't mind taping the edges. (After I learned that Scotch Artist's Low Tack Artist's Tape really is superior to plain old "Scotch" Translucent Tape-and I learned that the hard way. One pull and half my paint came up with the adhesive)-it was fun figuring out a way to stamp the circles (I ended up using the bottoms of some old paint bottles and the cap of a pen) and I enjoyed the parameters of a technical object. Go figure, huh? Who knew?

"MIXED TAPES" 90's Nostalgia Series

To me, getting a mixed tape from that certain special someone was a promise of renewed friendship, optimism, and romantic possibilities. To this DAY I recreate sketchy playlists from various homemade tapes on my iPod. (Sigh)...If only I knew the names of all the songs and all the cool hipster artists and crooners gone by...SO DREAMY!