'Kitschy KITCHEN Art' 3D Food Paintings: Kiwi Fruit

I used frisket for airbrush to protect the "seeds" after completion then did a light green wash. As noted, I never use the color black in paint from a tube. Okay, I lie. When I do a "Grayscale" painting with ONLY whites, blacks, and gray-then I've used black paint right out of the tube-but that's it. I create all my blacks mixing equal parts blue, red, and green...or I substitute deep purple or a rich dark blue.

'Kitschy KITCHEN Art' 3D Food Paintings

Kitchen art is the greatest. I grew up with an oil painting of vegetables by Western Artist Lilet Ritsauph in my parent's kitchen. It was RIGHT above the stove. The work had a slick, thick heavy coat of shellac type varnish to protect it from spills, splatters etc...And it did. I now own the piece and it's brilliant as ever. In that tradition, I've completed foodie kitchen art in contemporary style. Thus far, this has been a successful series. I completed a Lemon Slice, Kiwi Fruit, A Cucumber Slice, An Egg Slice, and 3 Sushi Rolls for 2008. The first series (a special commission) completed in 2004 included a Chocolate Chip Cookie made to order and as requested.


"Tancho Singletail Goldfish with Amazon Sword Plant"
This is one of my favorite paintings of the group. Most of the blue on the body was accidental, but sometimes those are the setbacks that allow a step forward. This was the case.
The fish body/scales originally a dull gray- meant to look "silver" took on a different look in daylight as opposed to artificial light at night (when I painted it) -so I over added the purple, and then corrected with a light blue wash overlay. I was delighted with the result.


I keep an Artist's Reference File. I also have an Inspiration File. These are blue folders I keep bulgingly overflowing with pictures and photos. Similar ideas keep popping up in both files. Take a WILD guess what that might be? Mmmm. Oh yes. G-O-L-D-F-I-S-H. It's official. I'm obsessed.


Fish are always, always, moving and that was one of the major challenges in dealing with them as a painting subject. Even a sleeping fish has gentle movement. Those rippling fins and gills -are floating up and over or out and away...and that's when the little bugger isn't flat-out zipping around the tank. The solution I came to included movement with plants (when I could) and motion with water (when I couldn't) -Successful? It's up to you kids.


The process of painting this fish involved using lots of translucent or transparent layers. Then it's a waiting game of letting the paint dry in between until it's just right. I'm not a big fan of lengthy titles-but I chose "Red Ranchu Goldfish with Nana Plant" -since I used a 'Red Ranchu' Goldfish and the 'Nana' Plant as visual references. All my Goldfish Paintings are available for sale online at www.JaraFrisk.etsy.com