Growing up, my parents were able to fill our home with beautiful handmade, original works. There were five of us living on an elementary school teacher's salary -and we were in NO way wealthy...but I grew up with valuable pieces of art: paintings, sculpture, cabinets full of hand thrown pottery and ceramics…all because my parents made genuine art a priority. Mom and Dad developed long-lasting relationships with creative people. We attended galleries and introduced ourselves to local museum directors and curators, gallery owners, and local artists. My father (a sculptor) traded with other artists, entered art exhibitions, participated in co-showcases, and in local shows. My parent's friends were gifted and talented artists. They had a generous giving spirit and they shared the very best with us. I honor that spirit.
My SOLD Etsy paintings displayed in simple document fames. Several pieces are still available on the etsy site. Check them out: www.JaraFrisk.etsy.com I charge $25 a piece plus actual cost shipping. I created these the traditional way -with lots of paint and a brush. Lots of love and late night hard work. These are the real deal. I don't do prints or copies or printouts. Original art is THAT important to me. I respect it that much. That's why I took the handmade pledge. I'll never sell a reproduction. That's something I wouldn't hang in my own home. In the end you have to look into your soul. There's definitely a "HANDMADE" type of person. It's sort of a Luddite, cheapo, "I'll do it the gosh darn diggity-dang dag nabbit old fashioned way, thank you very much" type -and if that's not you-we're different, and so be it. However...if the artist in your heart cries out for handmade, obey her. Because she's right, damn it...she's right.


Finished a painting for an existing frame and matte. It's a Mixed Media piece completed with oil pencil, color pencils and a light Gouache (resoluble, quick-drying, waterbased color). It's a ceramic bowl with oranges and two potted plants.

Violets AND Pansies

I love rich, bold, vibrant color. Just about my favorite color in the world is green. I adore green. Green is gorgeous. Green, green, green. I even love the way "green" sounds when I say it. My favorite coat is Kermit Green - a froggy color. Growing up in Cloquet my parents owned an old Toyota that was green as Nyquil.