My SOLD Etsy paintings displayed in simple document fames. Several pieces are still available on the etsy site. Check them out: www.JaraFrisk.etsy.com I charge $25 a piece plus actual cost shipping. I created these the traditional way -with lots of paint and a brush. Lots of love and late night hard work. These are the real deal. I don't do prints or copies or printouts. Original art is THAT important to me. I respect it that much. That's why I took the handmade pledge. I'll never sell a reproduction. That's something I wouldn't hang in my own home. In the end you have to look into your soul. There's definitely a "HANDMADE" type of person. It's sort of a Luddite, cheapo, "I'll do it the gosh darn diggity-dang dag nabbit old fashioned way, thank you very much" type -and if that's not you-we're different, and so be it. However...if the artist in your heart cries out for handmade, obey her. Because she's right, damn it...she's right.

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