This was a goldfish mural I painted over. These are the only photos I have of it -almost done, looking decent and nearly finished. Then I messed it all up and had to start over. It had gone past the point of salvage. Every time I'd look at it-all I'd see underneath was the image I REALLY wanted and not the image on top that I'd worked so hard to have. I painted three FULL-sized murals over this one, and in the end? I painted over it all-a solid boring eggshell white. The impressions of the fish and a few leaves are still visible however, just in the outlines of thick painted areas-that's it. Murals are tough to live with, in that way. It's not like you can drape a cloth over it while you're working on it-you're stuck with the progress you've made and the progress you have to make. With painting -it's not always easy to know when to call it quits. A very large challenge I struggle with is knowing when to back away. It's just so difficult to put down the brush and finish. I don't always know when it's time to stop...but I ALWAYS know when I SHOULD HAVE stopped.

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