These are mixed media pieces. It's acrylic with pastel and a matte medium on canvas. I start with the pale yellow wash. (There's a good bit of water-it's almost a watercolor viscosity) You have to let it stand to dry. Sometimes I use a hair dryer-but not often since it's noisy. Afterwards I do a detailed drawing with chalk or pastel, never pencil. The graphite adds "dirty" shadows I don't want. Then I'll fill in the area with blocks of solid color. Again, let it dry...and I spray the piece with a matte spray fixative. This creates almost a "sanded paper" finish. I LOVE the way pastel looks when it's layered on top. I add shadows and highlights with the pastels (I use Rembrandt artist pastels, but I've had dubious results with cheaper versions-not as rich) It should be noted I get dust, paint, and little dabs all over myself, my hands, my clothing, and occasionally my dog. Give it a final pray with a FINAL FIXATIVE. Prismacolor Tuffilm is outstanding-but it's NOT cheap so be prepared to fork over some serious lettuce for the quality. You get what you pay for with pastels. It's WORTH IT.

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